DIY Cinderella Blue Work Dress

DIY Cinderella Blue Work Dress

I was impressed by disney's live-action remake of Cinderella. Sandy powell, costume designer, created many iconic and beautiful outfits that were eye-catching throughout the movie. The stunning blue ball gown with Cinderella work dress was not to be missed. It was simple and beautiful, and mirrored ella's transformation into cinderella. As the movie progressed, we saw the dress fade more and more. This article will show you how I made the cinderella-inspired work dress that i had been dreaming about since the movie's release.

Goodwill is my favorite place to buy fabric. I found the right shade of aqua or teal in a set of sheets on my bed for disney cinderella dress for adults. These dresses are super soft and have the perfect texture. I purchased the thin cotton fabric and a spool from Hobby Lobby to make my petticoat. I found this 1/2 inch of plastic boning on Amazon that you can easily sew through. This extra fabric was leftover from a cream-colored bed sheet that I bought from goodwill. It was used to make the neckline. I used this fabric ink to hand paint the flower pattern on the cenicienta gown.

To test it, I made the bodice first from scrap fabric. I was not satisfied with the fit so i made some adjustments. Then, i placed simple gift wrap tissue over the pattern pieces to create new pieces. To maximize the fabric use, I removed the elastic from the fitted sheet and cut through the corners. Next, I cut the bodice pattern pieces and sleeves.

I sewn the bodice front and back together at the shoulder seams. The gathered panel at the front of the Cendrillon dress was easy to create. First, I measured the width of the front panel and then doubled the width to make the gathered section. The gathered layer was the same height as my base layer. I then lightly marked three lines with a pencil every two inches for horizontal gather stitches. Next, i created two parallel gathering stitches along each line.

I gradually pulled in the gathering threads, until the gathered piece was equal in width to the base layer. I sprayed one piece with water to flatten the gathers. After it had dried, I placed a plastic bag on top. After the piece was dry, i attached the gathered pieces to the base layer and stayed stitched them together. To flatten the gathering threads and keep them in place, I top stitched across them. I cut the excess band from the top of the flat sheet to make the thin ruffle around the neckline. Then i cut the middle. To create a neat, narrow hem I used my sewing machine's rolled hem foot. Then I used my gathering foot for quick assembly of the other edge.

I love time-saving presser feet. I sandwiched the ruffle between right sides of the outer layer and lining of the dress to ensure they worked properly. I pinched the neckline and sewn it in place. Before turning the seam right-side out, I made small notches in it. This creates a flatter neckline. I then cut the half-inch boning to fit the length of each side of the front gather panel. It was sewn in place next to the gather panel. The boning will keep the gathered panel in place and make it look more flattering to the model. I serged the bodice and sewn the sides.

I cut the sleeves, which were made up of two pieces of pattern for each sleeve. The sleeves were sewn together, with a small rolled edge at the bottom. The skirt was the last thing I did before I started on the sleeves.

Costume of Cinderella I folded the bodice in half so that the bottom edge was symmetrical. I raised the sides seams by a half inch, and trimmed each halves. I wanted to use every square inch of the sheet that i had for the skirt. I measured the length of my skirt and cut the sheet in two pieces. To account for the lower part of the bodice's bottom, i had to angle the top piece of the front. I measured from one end to another and cut. I joined the front and back pieces of the skirt at the sides.

I wanted to ensure that my bobbin was full before sewing the gathering stitches across the top of the skirt. This would allow me to have long continuous gathering threads. I then stitched the gathering stitches across the top of my skirt. I took the gathering threads out and adjusted the skirt so that it was the same width as the bottom of my bodice. I assembled them and checked the salvage to ensure a clean end. In preparation for the zipper, I searched the bodice's lining and outer layers along the back opening. I sewn the zipper to the back of the princess gown cinderella.

For reinforcement, I top-stitched the outside of the zipper about a quarter inch away. I used a cream bedsheet as a template to cut the fabric for the cream lining. I then folded one end over and made a small casing. Finally, i checked the outer edge to complete the lining. To make a drawstring, I pulled out a strand serger thread. I then gathered the other side of the ruffle in order to adjust the neckline.

To hold the cream lined in place, i then top stitched the Cinderella costume's outer edge. I still used a few safety pins to adjust the lining. I used a template that i found online through bella maze to paint the flowers. I printed the flowers in full-scale and then tiled them onto letter-sized paper. The papers were placed on a cutting board, and covered with a plastic curtain. To achieve the dyed look for the flowers, I tried several paint types. I loved the fabric ink that Hobby Lobby gave me.

I added about one teaspoon of paint to a bowl of water. I then painted large, circular shapes over the flower petals. The more abstract I painted, the better it turned out. The small leaves were painted in the same way, using the green fabric paint. I used loose strokes to cover the edges of the flowers. I used a hair dryer to speed up drying and dried each section of the flowers as I painted.

I painted six vertical rows around the skirt with flowers. This was my preferred method of painting the skirt after I made the Cinderella Halloween costume. Before I started painting the flowers, i wanted to see how the skirt looked. I made small abstract flowers in a diamond pattern to fill in the rest.

I placed a plastic bag on top of my cinderella form for women and underneath it. I then painted small flowers in the diamond pattern directly onto my dress. The flower shapes were more like tiny v's. I was happy that i did this step after my dress was completed so that i could visually place the flowers in the correct spots. I was able to apply any kneaded touches-ups quickly as the ink dried quickly. I measured the length of the petticoat so that it was approximately the same length as my dress. I cut the front and back pieces from three yards each. I wanted to keep the dress' waist flat so I made a four-inch yoke. This would bring the gathered seam down four inches below the model. For the yoke, I cut a piece of fabric measuring nine by 38 inches.

Before folding the skirt in half, I hemmed each end. I sewn a gathering stitch to the top of the skirt parts. I folded the yoke with force and placed pins in the fold lines. I then folded the skirt piece in force and put pins at its fold lines. I matched the pins and pinned together the skirt and yoke. I pulled the gathering threads so that the skirt was in line with the yoke. I pinched them in place, and then stitched them together. Before top stitching, I checked the raw edge. I then stitched the back pieces together, leaving about 10 inches of opening. I finished the bottom by hemming it with a simple one-inch hem. I stitched a 1/2 inch seam at the top of the yoke to make the casing. I cut a 50-inch length of ribbon and twisted it through the casing seam with a safety pin. The apron Cinderella wore in the movie was medium brown.

I had a dark brown bedsheet so I used it for the apron. To make the perfect size apron, I measured the Disney cinderella dress. It was cut out and I hemmed the bottom and sides of the large front panel. I then cut out the rectangle for the yoke, and the long rectangles for my straps. I folded the straps in half, and then stitched along one edge. I turned the straps right sides out, folded the yoke in half, and pinched the two straps to their inside edges. I then sewn the sides.

To gather the upper edge, I used my gathering feet. I pin it to the yoke, then stitched it in place. I then turned the yoke upside down, pressed it and finished it by top stitching along the seam. This cinderella adult dress was a lot more fun than I expected. I tried new techniques and had a lot of fun. Although my version of the dress doesn't look exactly the same as the movie, the front panel is different. It still has the same vibe and looked great during our photo shoots.

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