DIY Wonder Woman Costume Ideas for Halloween

DIY Wonder Woman Costume Ideas for Halloween

We are pleased to present our first Halloween article. This one is so exciting for us. If you don't know who we are, we make stuff all year. Halloween is in September or October, but we also start making Halloween costumes. We wanted to do something different this time so we used lots of foam. It's cheap and easy to find everywhere. It's also very easy to use. We tried it again. It turned out great! We would love to hear from you guys. This shows us you like what's happening and allows us to keep doing what's necessary. This ensures that you don’t miss any other Halloween videos coming soon. Let's move on to the how-to for wonder woman costume. 

We will use a black corset, red foam, navy scrap leather and gold metallic paint to make our modern Wonder Woman costume. We cut the corset in half, and traced a jagged design onto the foam. It is very similar to her corset front. Below is a link to our reference photo. You can use pieces up to 1 1/2 inches in width that run down on one side diagonally and then the other, or straight pieces or even slivers. There's no right or wrong way to complete this step. We are just trying to replicate the look of her corset, which looks almost like a collection of metal pieces that were joined to make a beautiful armor top. We have this once we're done with the first side. This is the front. For the back side, we will need to remove the whole thing. Do not mix your pieces. Be sure to remember the exact location of your pieces on the corset. 

After we had doubled everything we painted the foam metallic red. Once the foam was dry, we hot glued it to our corset. The corset can be worn while you are wearing it. You should wear a shirt underneath the corset as it can get very hot. We left a gap at the center of the piece for gold details, which we will add later. Attach the pieces to the black ribbons. It is possible to trim the pieces while you glue them on. This is okay. The front was completed, making sure that both sides were symmetrical. Next, we moved onto the back. You must not cover the zipper at the back. All pieces hanging above the corset's top and bottom should be removed. They look very sexy. But who doesn't love gold accents? Nobody. - Nobody. - Nobody. 

Now, we are using our tan foam to cut out these huge W/arches. They have a deep point and an eagle shape. Make something similar to this, and you can make it beautiful. We hot glued the eagle to the corset top starting at the middle. Let's now move onto the skirt. We used scraps of navy leather that we had lying around the office to make the skirt. If you don't have the exact color leather, you can buy scrap leather online or in a leather shop. We even painted it navy blue! Just copy the Wonder Woman reference photo, cut one large center flap and two shorter flaps to either side. Then we added layers of angled pieces that will reach the sides of the thighs. Because we are Wonder Woman and not Booty Woman, the back has more flaps than the front. However, they are longer and more numerous. You can still be Booty Woman, however. Do you. - Do you. 

We opened the corset with the inside facing upward and applied small amounts of glue to attach the leather skirt pieces. The middle front piece was first attached, then the piece next to it and finally our three angled pieces. Consider how these pieces are overlapped. It should look great from the front. We'll start this flap at the side, and then we'll add it below the three angled pieces. We then glued the flap half-on to the back. The zipper will be located in the middle of the back flap. We also glued the flap higher than usual because we will be using our large middle flap to wrap underneath it. We have created a template to help you make the Wonder Woman belt. Bless templates. All the templates that we use in this video can be downloaded from our website. You will need to cut the W belt section out of tan foam. Then, wrap as much straight belt around your waist as necessary from the tan foam. Then, as you can guess, we applied gold paint to it. The diamond piece was glued behind the W in the same manner as the reference photo. The belt can be attached to the costume by simply gluing it on. Make sure you cover the seam between corset and skirt. We just tried to glue the corset on top of the leather skirt. Continue the process, but leave enough room at the back to attach the zipper. Now you are done with the base of your costume. Yay! - Yay! - Let's go for the shoes. - Shoes. 

We actually started with these thrift store wedge shoes for the boots. We spray painted them with gold spray paint. We went back inside and used our red foam for cutting pieces that crossed the shoes. The tan foam was used to create the gold stripe that runs all the way down to the shin. The red was painted a metallic red, and the tan an gold. The gold pieces were hot glued to the red straps. Next, we cut mini straps out of scrap leather. In total, we cut twelve. These will secure the red and golden parts to the shoes. Hot glue can be used to attach the straps onto the red foam on one side. Next, place your foot inside your shoe and glue the leather straps onto one side. We were able glue the first cross piece to the opposite side.

However, Velcro was required for the second and third cross pieces. You won't be capable of getting your foot in or out of the boots if you don't have enough space to do so. Next, we will make the knee and shin boot parts. These three shapes were cut, one for each leg. You can find another template on our website. The shin will be red, and the knee and top knee pieces will be gold. You can paint them. We are back! We also cut long strips of foam, and painted them gold to run down our knees and shins. This will match perfectly with our shoes. You can glue them down. Once you have all the pieces in place, heat glue the pieces above and below to each other. The knee should be positioned at the shin, and the top of your knee piece at the knee. We next cut leather straps that look like the shoes. These straps wrap around the boot and attach to it. These can be attached using hot glue or Velcro. Each boot has three straps. Make sure to do the same for the other side. We wanted accessories to be super easy so we created templates for the arm, wrist, and headband. You can find all of that information in our blog.

Make your pieces of tan foam. This will make you look like a goldsmith. Flip one of your wrist cuffs to the opposite side. Our Velcro friend is used to keep our wrist cuffs in their place. The triangle piece should be glued behind the V-cut of the arm cuff just as we did for the belt. Velcro is a great way to keep the arm cuff in its place but it's also easy to remove and put back on. The final step is the headband. Attach the triangular shape to the V-cut, and then add elastic to fit your head at either end. It looks a bit like a forehead band. - Forehead band. 

We're getting close to the finish line! We're going make our swords and rope harnesses using two leather belts, some scrap leather and some leather. We took off the buckle from one of our first belts, and wrapped it around the shoulder and under the arm. Then glue the ends together. You should attach the second belt (also without a buckle) to the front of the other belt. Attach it to the back-center-ish by wrapping it under the arm. To act as our rope holster, we attached a leather strip to the harness. We'll attach our sword holster to the back. The handle was spray-painted gold after we bought the sword for ten bucks. To hold the sword in place, we used scrap leather to attach a piece of scrap leather to the top and bottom of the harness. It works great! Our sword is made of plastic. A real sword is dangerous and may not work well. Do not use a real sword. Now, the last step is to add details. You can make your costume authentic and wear-in, no matter what costume you choose for Halloween. 

We used multiple gold paints, paint pen, and 3D paint that we had lying around to add details to every part of the costume. It makes it look less like foam glued together. Okay, let's move on to the last step. We got this synthetic lace-front wig from Everyday Wigs. Huge shoutout. We are grateful to you guys for this amazing wig. It is absolutely stunning. It's our favorite wig. Because we think this wig is perfect for Wonder Woman, we'll be posting the links below. We have another video in the works, so it serves a dual purpose. We hope you enjoyed this modern Wonder Woman costume. Our blog has a complete list of materials, as well as a description and cost of the instructions and lots of pictures. This video is a compilation of all the videos. You can also download free templates Exactly! You can find it in blog format, so go over there to see that. If Wonder Woman is not your thing, you can find tons and tons of Halloween costumes on cosplay shop.

We have probably 100 costumes on yicosplay. This is just what I am going to do. Although there aren't many, there are a lot of high-quality ones. We've done Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, especially if your interest is in superhero comic-book universe. Check out our costumes. You'll find something you like - that's what I can promise. This year, we're doing another. You want another one? Do us a favor and subscribe if you haven't. 

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